Bali Turtle Conservation Farm

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save the turtles, turtle hatchlings, bali turtle farm All seven species of sea turtles in the world are considered endangered. 

Six of these 7 are found in Indonesian waters. They are the Green Turtle, Hawksbill,Leatherback,Loggerhead,Flatback and Olive Ridley varieties.

Suraberata Turtle Conservation farm rescues Olive Ridley turtle eggs from nearby beaches, reburying them in especially prepared sandpits so that they can hatch safely.

Every year hundreds of turtles lay thousands of eggs on the various beaches around Bali. It is estimated that only ONE in every ONE THOUSAND of these eggs will make it to maturity due to the many predators that take the eggs.Those that do hatch are in danger and few make it into the ocean. Once in the ocean they have other predators so we see these very low numbers making it to maturity.

Here at the Bali turtle conservation farm we collect the Olive Ridley turtle eggs from the nearby beaches as these are our local variety. We then rebury them into our hatchery sandpits that are full of this local beach sand. The eggs are protected and not interfered with until they hatch naturally as they would on the beach. 

Olive Ridley hatchlings are grey in colour with heart shaped shells and turn olive green as they mature.

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The baby turtles are then carefully transferred into the adjacent pools which contain fresh sea water from the local beach where the eggs are laid. The pools are in a natural jungle environment. The hatchlings are then fed and cared for until they are 1-2 months of age. At this stage they are stronger and have a much better chance of survival and we release them gently and directly into the sea. We see them swim away and know that they have at the very least made it this far with some ability to protect themselves and to manage their challenges to come. 

We Need Your Help To

Increase Turtle Numbers

Although we have the support of the government and are registered to do this conservation work we have to fund the farm ourselves and run on donations.

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The day to day running of the farm is costly as much is involved to ensure that the turtles are taken care of correctly to ensure survival. 

You can help us to keep doing this important work by donating money to us or by taking one of Turtle release tour options. Please see the GET INVOLVED PAGE for options and our DONATIONS PAGE. In these ways we can all share in enjoying these beautiful creatures. You can also pledge continuing support and become a sponsor. 


Bali Tours

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As well as the turtle conservation work we also offer Balinese cultural experiences like making your traditional offerings,Balinese spiritual experiences,ceremonies, healing and various opportunities to tour and celebrate the beautiful island of Bali and its rich culture. We do group and individual tours so inquire with us as to how we can help you to make your Bali visit more special. CONTACT US


Experience the difference of visiting the major cultural events and locations in Bali with experienced, sensitive & expert guides. Health retreats & healing sessions incorporate a mixture of Balinese and Western modalities to ensure you leave feeling invigorated and revitalised. Join us in a celebration of Balinese culture and ceremony. Classes are also available in the making of coconut leaf offerings in the Balinese Hindu tradition. For more information CONTACT US.